Marion Cotillard the Green Queen!

by / Friday, 28 November 2014 / Published in Green Fashion

It’s one thing to fall in love with a movie star for their elegance, beauty and outstanding acting skills but another when you realise that they have a conscience too. Somehow an actress with a heart makes them real, not just a character we see on screen. Marion Cotillard is a shining example of an actress with a heart; someone who genuinely cares. The French actress, singer and songwriter exudes a captivating natural beauty that is encapsulated perfectly on the silver screen. Marion has been successful not only in France but also Hollywood, starring in films such as: La Vie en Rose, A Very Long Engagement, Midnight in Paris, The Dark Knight Rises and Inception. In short, she is a star. But too many movie stars waste their fame on frivolous lifestyle choices, and extravagant displays of wealth which in turn makes them unreal to you and I…an icon without a purpose.

Marion Cotillard challenges our notion of the typical Hollywood movie star and has remained integral to her beliefs. Cotillard has participated in many important environmental campaigns for Greenpeace and has also acted as their spokeswoman, as well as designing a doll for UNICEF of which the proceeds went directly to Darfur to vaccinate thousands of children against disease. She has also worked alongside Kate Winslet to raise awareness and support for autism.

Marion’s eco awareness has bled into her wardrobe too. The jewels that she wore for the premiere of ‘Blood Ties’ were Chopard’s Green Carpet Collection jewels which were created from sustainable fair mined gold from South America – which makes sense coming from someone whose personal philosophy is ” that all people who live in civilized societies are responsible for educating themselves on environmental advancements and setbacks … ignorance is unforgivable. ” Sustainability in fashion is something Marion champions. It would be easy for an A-list celebrity as herself to wear designs hot off the catwalk but she makes ethical choices based on her values.
The actress has collaborated with Eco-Age which is a brand consultancy who add value to companies through sustainability and to be ‘awarded’ a GCC (Green Carpet Challenge) label is seen as the benchmark of eco-friendly fashion. This is a philosophy shared with companies such as Etoile de Marie a French-based fashion company who create natural clothing from organic materials and make links with local communities, therefore limiting transportation and energy.

It is important for people to become more ethically-aware when it comes to consumerism and fame holds a certain weight when it comes to championing a big movement. We look up to celebrities and movie stars and therefore like to challenge our beliefs and values based on what other people think and say. Marion Cotillard is a worthy spokesperson for eco-friendly sustainable fashion. Not only is she serious about the cause but she also oozes sex appeal and beauty which enables us to see that green fashion does not always mean compromise when it comes to design.

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