Luberon Lifestyle and how it relates to EDM

by / Friday, 28 November 2014 / Published in Natural Lifestyle

Luberon – live the life, dress for the life.

If you’re moving to Luberon, or you’re visiting for a short time, then you’ll be immersed in the lifestyle, either for a week or a month, or for the foreseeable future. The pastel walls and window shutters, vineyards and orchards are a lifetime away from what you’ve been accustomed to perhaps, but it is a life you will not want to relinquish too quickly.

The Luberon life

As you settle into the smells, sights and sounds of this heavenly place, you ask yourself how do you dress in the Luberon, what is the lifestyle of a Luberon dweller? You dress in a more relaxed style for sure, a style that’s keeping in with the environment you find yourself in. But perhaps more importantly – you dress in the fabrics, textiles, wools that come from nature, from the very land and animals that come from the surrounding landscapes.

As you gaze up at the blue sky, and drink in the crisp fresh air, you can drape yourself in cashmere as you watch the sun set. Baby alpaca knits and linen drape your limbs as you look across at a purple landscape or a crown of hilltop buildings.

The living is easy – Etoile de Marie

When you live in the Luberon, the living is easy and so is the dress code. The message is dress naturally, drink in your surroundings and drape yourself in natural fibres that caress the skin, and make you feel that you belong here – you were born to be here in this world.

If you want to emulate the Luberon life then come to us here at Etoile de Marie where you can indulge the senses in our versatile and breath-taking array of handmade clothes and natural fabrics, such as linen, cashmere, wool, baby alpaca, silk and organic cotton.

Spectacular landscapes and simple living

The villages of the Luberon are certainly beautiful and you may have settled into one of its many villages that offer splendid views. Narrow streets offer a secluded walk, helping you to escape the heat of the sun for a minute or two, before you go and buy fresh food from the many food stalls, immersing yourself in local produce that’s been grown and lovingly tended to in the surrounding landscape.

Natural living – natural clothes made from fabrics and wools

You get around much more slowly here either by foot or bike, everything you taste will be more vivid and vibrant than it has been before. This is no place for power dressing and sharp suits, it’s a place to gather your thoughts and get back what you lost. This is a place to return to nature, the earth and the land and to gather your strength. At Etoile de Marie, the clothes are natural, relaxed, yet feel luxurious against the skin. Etoile de Marie epitomises this lifestyle, this return to nature, to a more relaxed and sane way of living and loving.

Our clothes are a reflection of all that we believe in, in fabrics that are natural and cause no harm to the environment, natural wools, with alpaca and cashmere and fabrics of linen and organic cotton. Dresses and pants that have lovingly been hand sewn, allowing for movement and comfort, yet at the same time giving you that relaxed inspired French look everyone envies. Visit us at for a taste of luxury and nature at its best.

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