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Welcome to Étoile de Marie’s blog

Etoile_de_Marie_Vetement-en-lin_IMG_6183.minProduced in France, in the heart of the Luberon, Étoile de Marie evokes the memories of Provence in the collection of carefully worked designs of the highest quality.
Each article is individually sewn with the greatest attention to detail. The collection lovingly created by our designer has captured the spirit of every woman and the radiance of every man. Étoile de Marie has a range of accessories influenced from all parts of the world, taking care to emphasis the long lines of the body and contrast in colours that underline the brilliance of your natural beauty.
With a purchase from the range of Étoile de Marie you are making a statement of your respect to the environment, men and women of the world and their work.
Étoile de Marie makes individual clothes for the individual.
You have the possibility to adopt a style to your specific designs in order to personalise your model: the tunic or sleeves can be lengthened, colours mixed and matched and even on some articles you can decide on the braiding as long as the original design is respected.

A line created in a noble and comfortable: the organic flax which offers all its elegance. On fashion, gays, the glamorous but simple lines, designed with respect for the environment and labor. Made in France, in the heart of the Luberon, models the Étoile de Marie smells Provence and craftsmanship high quality. Each piece is fabricated unit, with the greatest attention in the attention to detail. Models of creative resonance with the spark of every woman and every man of influence. The Étoile de Marie surrounded accessories globally-minded, sensitive to the ethical line, colorful highlight for the brightness and enhance your beauty.